Plant Care

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Osteospermums need a sunny aspect, so always plant in a sunny border. They also thrive in a pot on a sunny patio!


Water regularly to avoid the plants from drying out. Keep well watered, especially the first two weeks after planting!


For best results feed your Osteospermums on a weekly basis with a general fertilizer such as phostrogen. This will help promote flowering.

Dead Heading

Remove wilted flowers on a regular basis. This will prolong flowering. It is allright to take off part of the flower stem to tidy up the plant.


Cutting back Osteospermums won't harm them. On the contrary. They will grow new fresh side shoots in no time! Pruning is most beneficial to the so called hardy types of Osteospermum. It's best to cut them back in early spring or in the autumn.

Over Wintering

Since most Osteospermums are not hardy it is recommended to over winter your plants. Or even better: take cuttings! For information on how to do this see our page on propagation by cuttings.