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This site reveals all you need to know about Osteospermums.

The name Osteospermum is derived from the Greek osteon (= bone) and Latin spermum (= seed). Osteospermums belong to the daisy family ( Compositae / Asteraceae), hence their common names: African Daisy or South African Daisy, Cape Daisy and Blue-eyed Daisy.

They mustn't be confused with the annual Dimorphotheca. Although most commercial Osteospermums are labeled as annuals they are in fact half-hardy perennials or subshrubs. This means they are not entirely hardy and will therefore not survive persistent frosts. However, they can be propagated by cuttings or overwintered in a frost free environment.

Why not explore our site, enjoy the colourful photographs and learn more about the propagation, botany and plant care of this beautiful daisy plant.

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